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Evolutionary Leadership Worskhop

A Chora Connection day of Mythodrama with Richard Olivier

Evolutionary Leadership – ‘the readiness is all’ Lessons from Hamlet

Every so often it becomes apparent that a ’story’ that we have been living has outlived its usefulness – and that our story itself needs to evolve – now is such a time.

Shakespeare’s most famous play offers us a profound case study of a young leader, caught in the dilemmas and paradoxes of an increasingly complex and pressured world, who strives to find meaning and achieve impact in troubled times.

We follow his journey as he evolves his personal story from being a ‘victim of fate’ to an ‘instrument of destiny’ and relate it to participants own big challenges – in leadership and life. The archetypal challenges of the Evolutionary Leader can be witnessed in this great story:

ACT 1 – The Call

  • The ‘unfolding’ nature of evolution
  • How to make use of the best wisdom from the past
  • What ‘ghosts from the past’ and ‘whispers from the future’ require attention?
  • Distinguishing ‘Duty’ from ‘Calling’ – and accepting the Call

ACT 2 – Managing Reactions

  • The ‘caterpillar effect’ – internal and external resistance to change.
  • ‘Our thinking makes it so’ – the ‘prison’ and the ‘miracle’
  • Transforming the Inner Critic – from judge to coach

ACT 3 – Creative Catalysis

  • Asking the Big Questions
  • Right relationship to Power – moving beyond Victim, Perpetrator, Rescuer, Bystander responses
  • ‘The play’s the thing’ – accessing the ‘voices at the edge’
  • Meeting manipulation with appropriate strength

ACT 4 – Learning to read the ’signs’

  • Practicing how to read what the world wants from us
  • Finding inner meaning in relation to external circumstance

ACT 5 – Accessing ‘Readiness’

  • Burying the unhelpful past – and reclaiming its golden gifts
  • Being present to the unfolding possibilities
  • Acting ‘as if’ our time was now

This day will be both a stand alone ‘deep dive’ into the inner necessities of your leadership and also an introduction to the Mythodrama methodology for a longer leadership development journey that Richard Olivier and Chora Connection are offering. The vision for this is to gather a group of ‘deliberately developmental’ leaders – who are invested in finding inspiration and support for the difficult challenges ahead – and to create an ongoing group for an initial period of one year. Our current intention is that this would be a series of 3 x 2 day workshops – with peer coaching and action learning groups emerging as helpful along the way – and that costs would be based on a deposit plus ‘gift economy’ model. We will create time at the end of the day to discuss this further with those interested.

The cost of the 19th January will be 800,00 dkr plus VAT (Moms).

The seminar will be in English.

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